OpenSource Agency's small business background checks


Understanding our online small business investigations

The goal of our  small business background check is to uncover potential risks. We want to find if there are indications that a potential or existing employee, vendor, supplier, or customer:

  • may be inherently dishonest
  • may be facing circumstances that could lead them to commit fraud
  • could be problematic for the small business

Our background checks focus on people, even if we're investigating businesses. While companies themselves will be researched, most issues and problematic behavior will involve the people who own or manage the business.

We will look for both fraud risks and behavior risks, including:

  • that the individual or business is not what they claim to be;
  • that they are living beyond their means;
  • that they have addiction problems;
  • that they engage in resume inflation;
  • that they have a history of slow payments, slow delivery, poor quality, litigation, criminal convictions, civil decisions, or bankruptcy; or
  • that they have faced investigations or allegations of corruption or unethical behavior.